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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Equality and adoption: faith and politics clash again

The latest 'faith and politics' row focuses on rules banning discrimination against homosexuals and calls from the Roman Catholic and Church of England Archbishops to allow the Catholic adoption agency to refuse to facilitate adoption of children by gay couples.

That this is yet another last minute row emphasises the problems we have when trying to reconcile faith views with changing political values and developments.

It seems something is going very wrong when legislation is being constructed, which means that these disagreements are not being dealt with during consultation periods.

A broad lesson here is that there should be greater ongoing communication and dialogue, even when there is not a specific bill to be discussed. For one of the reasons we get into these messes is that trust is breaking down between faith groups and politicians. Incidentally, this is something David Cameron appears to understand well, hence his overtures to church and other faith groups.

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