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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Talking in church about faith and politics

Sunday saw me at St Andrew’s, Short Street (Waterloo), as a guest of the Revd Richard Truss and his congregation (

I was invited to a ‘Café Conversation’ event to chat about Christian faith and politics, both in general terms and what it means to me personally. We discussed some of the issues of the day, such as the wearing of veils and crosses, faith schools, and the challenges of inequality and poverty. I spoke about the contribution Christian Socialism can make to politics today and what we stand for. We also talked about why many people feel politicians are distant from their experience of life, noting that many politicians, such as councillors, are actually embedded deeply in their communities. What matters a great deal is the quality of relationships in our communities and in our country.

This is the kind of meeting that we should be doing in CSM. Sometimes we bemoan the fact that there are not as many church people involved in politics as we would like. This is a real concern of course. But we need to do our bit, listening and talking. Not everyone will join CSM as a result (though one did on Sunday) but if we, who are involved in politics, are not talking about the role Christians can play, who will?

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