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Friday, March 09, 2007

American evangelicals and climate change

I am not always a Jim Wallis fan but it's worth having a look at his blog.

Jim Wallis is a Christian preacher/speaker/activist in the United States who tends to be left of centre politically. He created some waves a while back with his book, God's Politics. It was long on vision and enthusiasm but short on detail, direction, and practical politics. But worth reading to see where the debate about faith and politics appears to be going in the US.

His blog is designed to counter the religious right. Worth looking at if only for the debate in evangelical circles on climate change - some leaders are being criticised for suggesting that the church needs to campaign to reduce global warming, they are accused of ignoring moral issues. Given the influence of evangelicals in the US, where this debate goes could even have global consequences.

Wallis and friends have entered the discussion.
Their blog is at .

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