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Sunday, March 04, 2007

CSM - a public profile

One of the privileges CSM has is that it can attain a high profile on occasions. People recognise that we are a bridge between the churches (or 'moral consensus') and the Labour Movement, of which we are a part.

We have done this to great effect in recent times. We organise the Labour Conference church service each year and also run seminars. The last Labour Party conference saw us hold well-attended events on the slave trade (with David Lammy MP), Tories and the UK poverty agenda, and asylum and immigration.

In 2005, I chaired a Labour conference fringe event looking at progress made on making poverty history, with Gordon Brown as our main speaker:

It attracted not only many Labour Party members, but also many people from the Christian community in Brighton, uniting us all in our concern for the World's poor.

I believe this is a model for future action for CSM. And something for Labour to consider too, as it seeks to refresh its connection with the progressive consensus of which it is so important a part.

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