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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Labour leadership Fabian hustings event

On Sunday evening I attended the Fabian hustings for the Labour leadership candidates. It was a unique occasion since, in addition to Gordon Brown, on the platform was John McDonnell and Michael Meacher, who had yet to decide between themselves which one would stand against Brown. Yesterday, Michael Meacher stood aside.

It was an ideal opportunity for Gordon Brown to lay out a vision for the country and he did so. It also highlighted that he seems to be alone in genuinely talking about values: others are confusing policies (old or new) with Labour values.

It is important when talking about policies that we talk first about our progressive values, about what motivates us, about the kind of society we want to see. A quick survey of the declared deputy leadership candidate campaign websites reveals little evidence of this approach.

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Anonymous said...

I was there too - I thought that Gord proved himself as he answered all the questions with style and aplomb. I feel though that it would be better if we had a 'proper' candidate in contention with Brown so that it wont be an irrelevant contest. In olden days you had three or four 'big beasts' at the top of the labour party each of which could have taken over the leadership but now we have no one credible. I hope Brown will institute a prgramme of successor planning to ensure that when he retires there are several candidates vying for the top job