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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vauxhall CLP supporting nominations for leadership and deputy leadership

Well, tomorrow sees our meeting on supporting nominations. Supporting nominations are published by the Party and are a way for a constituency party to give a candidate a boost ahead of the one member one vote ballots.

In Vauxhall, we hope to get representatives to present before formal proceedings begin. We're looking on it as an opportunity to engage members in a discussion about the future of our Party - and the country - as well as on the individual candidates.

It's been encouraging to see the candidates touring round the country, meeting members. I attended the CSM-organised hustings meeting last week and was impressed with the candidates' presentations and answers to questions.

Meanwhile, Labour has recovered a little in the polls, now there is certainty about the leadership election. The country seems relaxed about the handover, including the timetable. Some of the political tension of a few weeks ago seems to have dissipated, which is a good thing, while politics itself is very much alive.

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