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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vauxhall CLP supports Brown and Benn

Vauxhall CLP held an all-members meeting this evening to decide on supporting nominations for the Labour leadership and deputy leadership positions.

I chaired a well-attended meeting heard from Hazel Blears MP and representatives of other candidates, including Sadiq Kahn MP for Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson, and Martin Linton MP for Peter Hain.

It was a good meeting with most members contributing and some extensive debate on the merits of the various candidates and the future of the Labour Party and the country.

After we had heard from representatives from all the candidates, asked questions, and had an opportunity to make our views known, we went to a ballot.

Vauxhall CLP voted overwhelmingly for the following resolution:

Vauxhall CLP is delighted at ten years of Labour Government having been reached in May 2007.

Vauxhall CLP thanks Gordon Brown for his work during that ten years, welcomes his imminent election as Labour Leader and appointment as Prime Minister, and looks forward to working with him to secure a fourth term election victory

Vauxhall CLP also voted, using the single round preferential voting system, to give our supporting nomination for the deputy leader to Hilary Benn.

It was a really encouraging meeting, with members taking part in the future of the Labour Party. I hope that this level of communication with Party members continues.

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