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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last Labour organised leadership hustings

Saturday saw me on home turf in the Vauxhall constituency, at the Oval Cricket Ground for the last Labour Party organised hustings for the leadership and deputy leadership.

Gordon Brown spoke to a large audience from all over London on the themes of his campaign. In particular, he focused on housing which is a key issue for us here in Lambeth as we try to get better funding for our council housing. I asked him what he thought of David Cameron's attempts to rebrand himself and his party. Gordon Brown's response was that the Tory grammar school split demonstrated that on the big issues of the day, when pushed, the Tories do not have any meaningful answers.

The deputy leadership candidates all performed well in my opinion. They were very relaxed, with each other and with the members present.

Not long now until the result and the change in leadership...

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CHRIS said...

I notice the MP for Vauxhall, Kate Hoey (chair of the overwhelmingly Tory dominated bloodsports organisation The Countryside Alliance) did not endorse Gordon for the leadership.
Is this because she really endorses David Cameron (a paid up member of her organisation) who has promised them he will re-legalise the chasing and killing of wild animals for fun?