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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New era begins

Today was an incredible day as Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister and MP and Gordon Brown was appointed PM. Our constitution really does manage to order these things in a very understated and, well, British way.

It looks as if tomorrow is to be a day of political surprises.

It appears that some of the Whitehall departments are to be changed radically, with an emphasis on enterprise and skills. The signs in recent days have been that Gordon Brown is determined to involve the business community in government. A year ago it appeared the Tories were making inroads into the City. Some good work by ministers and time itself has seen this run into the sand a bit. The Tories seem to have recovered some of their natural support in the City but beyond that have shown themselves to be somewhat bereft of ideas. The contrast is clear.

It is important that Labour continues to win the economic battles, as the global economic challenges are constantly changing. More on that later.

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