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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It gets worse for the Conservatives

The Conservatives' polished PR machine jolted a bit today. Activist Ali Miraj had criticised the leadership style of David Cameron, the Tory leader. He believes the Tory leader is focused too much on PR, at the expense of substance. On the Today Programme on Radio 4, Cameron was quizzed about the criticisms he has received. In a move that gave a glimpse of panic in the Tory ranks, Cameron claimed Miraj had asked him for a peerage before making his comments. Mr Miraj has called the claim a smear tactic.

Whatever the full story on this matter, it is surprising the Tory leader - who aspires to be Prime Minister - made this claim on the radio. It sounded petty and made clearer the contrast between Cameron and Brown.

Nevertheless, while Labour members can justifiably feel good about the new PM and the lead in the polls, we must not be complacent. We cannot assume the Tories will not learn lessons. We have to keep them on the back foot with our campaigning and our ideas.

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