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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Assessing the Brown bounce

The papers this weekend are again assessing the likelihood of a General Election this Autumn. Labour remains well ahead in the polls, but we are in the holiday season so it is difficult to tell exactly how durable is our lead at the moment.

Anecdotal evidence is positive however. Friends of no particular political persuasion have mentioned how they have been pleasantly surprised by Gordon Brown as PM. They give him much credit for leading the country effectively these past few weeks, especially given the various crises that have occurred (terrorism, floods, foot and mouth). Brown's moves to boost the role of cabinet and the actual appointments have been noted with approval.

I have also had some comments from people working around the City, the financial hub that powers much of our economy. Again, these people have told me they are impressed by the way the country is being led.

Anecdotal evidence yes, but it gives me some confidence that there is substance behind the opinion polls and that the Tory propaganda about Gordon Brown has been short-lived. There is still much to do of course, and we have to work hard to maintain and build the trust that is returning to Labour.

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