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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gordon Brown's first conference speech as Party Leader

I will always stand up for youGordon Brown speaks to the Labour Party Annual ConferenceThe Prime Minister Gordon Brown has set out Labour's forward-looking agenda of change to meet the priorities that matter to the British people - the NHS, education, crime, affordable housing, the pressures on hard-working families, and a strong economy.And he showed why it is Labour that today is the only party with the strength to change Britain.

Labour Party Conference 2007: I will always stand up for you

Well yesterday's speech by Gordon Brown set the tone for the rest of conference. Many of the themes did not surprise but rather reaffirmed the impression people have made of him since he became PM.

I was particularly impressed by the references to Britain - his confidence in us working together especially in times of crisis. And I was impressed by the focus on young people. The PM referred to his upbringing with his church minister father, and later in the speech quoted the Bible in support of a welfare policy that helps all children rather than some ('suffer the little children to come unto me' - not 'just bring some of the children') - a reference to the Tory policy to bring back (a nominal surely) marriage tax allowance. With many children in poverty, they have to be the primary focus. I sense an ongoing debate here which could prove quite interesting.

The conference mood here in Bournemouth seems pretty relaxed and confident. I think members are excited about new possibilities for policy development and also have greater campaigning confidence.

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