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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brown urges increased oil supply

Gordon Brown has urged oil industry leaders to come up with ideas for improving supplies as fuel costs soar.
BBC NEWS | Politics | Brown urges increased oil supply

Gordon Brown is doing exactly the right thing. Governments in developed countries have to ensure their economies adjust to higher oil prices.

"The UK must work with oil suppliers such as OPEC and diversify its own energy sources to deal with rising oil prices, " Brown said in a Guardian article today.

The Prime Minister is also reported as suggesting new sites for nuclear power plants need to be identified.

With high oil prices, we need to focus on energy conservation, alternative energy sources, and diverse sources of energy. Ultimately our economy needs to adjust to expensive energy. One role of government is to ensure that we are well-placed in two or three years time in this respect.

Any action will take months and years to implement so the government will be vulnerable to claims it is just talking. But it has to take decisions to answer the problems we will face in the future.
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Miller 2.0 said...

He could do worse that having a word with Hugo Chavez. I hear he has some surplus going now that Boris is mayor...