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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vauxhall CLP calls for Labour Party unity

Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party's general committee met on Thursday this week and voted for an emergency resolution which reads as follows:

This Constituency Labour party believes that we [the Labour Party] must unite in support of the Prime Minister.

This Constituency Labour Party believes that disunited parties do not win elections.

This Constituency Labour Party resolves to:

1. Encourage our Government to defend proudly the record of the
Labour Government since 1997 and to expose the Conservatives every single week in Parliament;

2. Actively support the Government in promoting policies that
will build on our successes;

3. Encourage greater participation in the Labour Party; and

4. Highlight the damage a Conservative Government will do to
Britain and take the fight to them, rather than fight amongst ourselves.

As we begin Conference today, amidst the turmoil in financial markets and the global economy, the need for Party unity is greater than ever.

For the record, it is worth noting that our MP, Kate Hoey, fully supports this resolution (despite the impression falsely given by some of the press).

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