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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Contemporary issues ballot at Conference

At each conference, delegates vote on contemporary issues they wish to discuss. Delegates have four votes.

I voted to discuss resolutions on: the economy (quite a few on this, including one from Streatham CLP), housing (key issue for Vauxhall/Lambeth people), anti-social behaviour (likewise), and Georgia.

I'd discovered (via the more left wing Campaign Briefing, a useful source of information) that it was likely the unions would already vote to discuss tackling fuel poverty (windfall tax issues), energy regulation, employment rights and workers in a global economy. These turned out to be the four we will debate, in addition to housing.

There are debates on different themes each day and these motions (in some form) will be debated in the relevant slot.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we focus on crime and justice, and equalities.

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